Social Media Shareables

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WVEA Social Media Shareables!

Just for you! Check out these cool shareables to use on your personal social media platforms or your local's social media pages. Keep checking back here and you'll find fun things to print and use in your school or your classroom!

Facebook/Twitter Cover Photos

Facebook Frames: Find three Facebook frames available for you to add to your profile photo. To add one of our frames simply click on your profile picture and select "add frame". In the search bar of the frame section, type in "WVEA". Our frames will be the first three listed. You can see examples of each one below.


Posts: We have several graphics you can use to post on social media.

Print Outs

WVEA Printable Stickers: This form is pre-set and ready for you to print your own stickers to use where ever and however you like!

Poster: Print out this poster to hang in your classroom.