Standardized test results expected to come back early

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Standardized test results expected to come back early
By Matthew Baumgarten,

Despite the confusion and at times, frustration, for students, teachers, and parents with this past year's standardized testing, the state says test results will be available much earlier than expected.

According to state superintendent Michael Martirano, local school boards should get their test results in August.

Previously, boards had to wait until as late as December before finding out how their students did. Having to wait that long wastes valuable time that both teachers and administrators have to discuss curriculum and policy changes. Martirano says having the results before the new school year begins will allow counties to make the best decisions and adjustments for their students. 5 News sat down with the Marion County Superintendent Monday and he agrees.

“The reason that we test isn't just to cross an 'T' and dot an 'I' and say, 'Well, we did that, let's move on,'” says Gary Price. “The reason we test is so that we can judge the progress that students have made and the effectiveness of our teaching strategies. So, the sooner we get that [the results], the better we are to adjust and prepare for the next year."

Price says that receiving the results earlier allows teachers to begin perfecting their lesson plans sooner, which means students will be better prepared for next year's tests. He also expects the results to come even quicker in the future.