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Schools to Reopen on Wednesday
WVEA Communications Staff

Below is a statement from WVEA President Dale Lee regarding the statewide work action:

“I am so proud of West Virginia’s education employees. Without them, today’s agreement would not have happened. They stood in solidarity – 55 strong -  and each day it was clear their resolve grew stronger.

“We are appreciative of Speaker Armstead, President Carmichael and Governor Justice for...


Teacher pay raise stalled in WV Senate
By Ryan Quinn Staff writer

A proposal for a teacher pay raise sitting in a state Senate committee may not be reviewed Friday, which could mean the West Virginia teachers' strike will continue.

A motion was made Friday afternoon to bring the pay raise bill (HB 4145) directly to the Senate floor for immediate consideration, bypassing the finance committee, but that motion was tabled by lawmakers in a 20-14 vote.


Statement from Three Education Organizations Regarding Action on Agreement Items

Yesterday we arrived at an agreement with the governor regarding moving forward towards a permanent resolution on PEIA and salaries. We based those discussion on the premise of parties attempting to work out differences in good faith. The Governor has revised his revenue estimates and sent those to the respective Finance chairs. The pay raise bill, HB 4145, passed House Finance and is...


‘Dumb bunnies’ in WV teacher crowds protest comment by Governor Justice
By Brad McElhinny, WV MetroNews

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia teachers want Gov. Jim Justice to know they are not dumb bunnies.

“He underestimates us. He underestimates us. He doesn’t think we’re as smart as we are,” said Melissa Turley, a middle school teacher in Logan County. “To refer to us as dumb bunnies just shows us that he’s not very smart.”



Thousands of school employees converge on Capitol amid work stoppage
By Ryan Quinn, Charleston Gazette-Mail

All 55 West Virginia counties closed their public schools Thursday for the first day of what unions have announced, so far, will be a two-day work stoppage by public school employees — the first in state history of this magnitude to include teachers and school service personnel.