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Bret Masters, Cabell County, and his students’ good work are showcased at Yeager Airport in Charleston. His students at Cabell County Career and  Technical Center designed and built a Kelly green “M” shaped library in honor of Marshall University’s new aviation program.

It’s officially registered so it can be found on the world map of Little Free Libraries,...


CHARLESTON, W.Va. − During the delegation portion of the West Virginia State Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, WVEA President Dale Lee gave the following remarks to board members and department staff.

WVEA President Dale Lee addressed the West Virginia State Board of Education this morning advocating for several pandemic-related items. They include:

  • Due to the all-time high rate of COVID positives and quarantine-...


Fayette County member Chasity Lesher worked with her local Dunkin’ Donuts to provide a delicious opportunity for her students to improve their persuasive writing skills. Lesher’s second grade class at Ansted Elementary School wrote a proposal to determine the kind of donuts they would like to see the company create. Community members voted on proposals...


Susan Jones

Ripley Middle School counselor Susan Jones, West Virginia’s 2019-2020 Middle School Counselor of the Year, has racked up another professional honor: She is one of ten school counselors nationwide chosen to receive the 2021 National Certified School Counselor Award. The award recognizes “school...


Free benefit for WVEA members

Ripley - WVEA helps educators manage and reduce their student loan debt with an online tool called Savi. Use this easy, interactive tool to find out which student loan forgiveness programs and repayment plans you qualify for and can save you the most money. Just ask Jackson County member Saunyell Nikki Atkinson who saved $14,000.