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Martirano moves past session
By Lacie Pierson, Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON - With the 2015 regular session of the West Virginia Legislature in the past, West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Michael Martirano is looking forward to the future of education in the Mountain State.

Martirano talked about his assessment of the legislative session and his goals for the state in terms of high school graduation rates Monday during the weekly luncheon of the...


Teachers unions not satisfied with raise bill
By Samuel Speciale, Education reporter

A bill increasing the salaries of teachers at low-performing schools, while praised for providing incentives to work in areas of critical need, has been criticized by union leaders for not making pay for the profession more competitive.

The bill, passed in the final days of the Legislative session, provides an additional $2,000 to each teacher who is employed by a low-...


Common Core repeal, smoking bill, fireworks die on Legislature’s final
Phil Kabler, Charleston Gazette

On the last day of the 2015 regular session, when several key bills crashed and burned, much of the fireworks in the final hours were over a bill that originally intended to legalize fireworks in the state but had been “Christmas treed” in the Senate to include multiple provisions, including exemptions from smoking bans at racetrack casinos and veterans’...


Lawmakers approve immunization bill minus House amendment
By Aaron Payne in News | WV MetroNews

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state legislature approved an immunization bill on the last night of the legislative session without an amendment that sought to lessen the role of the state Bureau of Public Health.
After nearly an hour of debate earlier Saturday, the House passed an amended version of the bill (SB286) related to exemptions to compulsory immunizations...


Editorial: State should stand firm on 180-day school rule
Herald- Dispatch editorial

West Virginia has long had a law on the books that its public schools should provide 180 days of instruction each school year. But, as it often turned out, that seemed to be more of a suggestion than a mandate. Restrictions on the length of the school year combined with inclement weather during the winter often made providing 180 days of instruction impossible.

In fact,...