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The NEA Center for Communications and Education Policy and Implementation will be conducting a national member survey as part of their work on behalf of the Assessments Task Force. Respondents were pulled from a representative sample. Please note not all members will receive invitations to participate in the research.


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Every year there has been a decline in West Virginia public...


Brooke County members are celebrating a big grievance win two years in the making! In March 2020, when the county withheld salary stipends provided by the excess levy, WVEA members filed a grievance. Levy funds must be spent specifically as listed, and Brooke County Schools failed to do so. The county paid the fall...


Lewis County Education Association (LCEA) President Kim Bonnett was contacted by members all over the county who are frustrated with COVID working conditions.  President Bonnett then reviewed the COVID relief plan...


Eighteen WVEA members were nominated to represent you at the 2022 NEA Representative Assembly (NEA-RA) in Chicago, IL. WVEA members attending the July 3-6 event are: Diana Bailey, Monongalia County; Sara Ballengee, Mercer County; Adena Barnette, Jackson County; Kimberly Bonnett, Lewis County; Lucinda Burns, Kanawha County; Gwen Lacy, McDowell County; Danielle Lee, Mercer County; Lauren Manning, ...