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By: Phil Kabler, Charleston Gazette-Mail

In a holding pattern while waiting for recommendations from the PEIA Task Force, the PEIA Finance Board on Wednesday announced that it is canceling the board’s Nov. 15 meeting, and pushing a series of statewide public hearings on its proposed 2019-20 benefits plan back to mid-December.

The meeting and public hearings have been delayed on the apparent expectation...


By Ryan Quinn, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Lawmakers have passed several far-reaching laws affecting prekindergarten-12th grade education over the past four years, and tried — but failed — to pass other significant legislation.

Half of the seats in the state Senate, and all House of Delegates seats, are up for grabs in Tuesday’s election. Senate terms are for four years, and delegate terms are for two years.

Teachers, bus drivers and others chanted “Remember in November”...


By: Jake Jarvis, WV News

CLAY — Gov. Jim Justice told a group of students at Clay County High School Wednesday morning that he would probably be running for a second term in 2020.

Justice, speaking at an event with the British ambassador to the United States, said he would decide for sure in a “little while.”

“I really felt like I was here to serve, and I didn’t know if there would be enough challenges to motivate me to be able to stay,” Justice said, remembering when he...


By: Phil Kabler, WV Gazette-Mail

Meeting for the first time since August, members of Gov. Jim Justice’s PEIA Task Force on Monday discussed issues with costs for out-of-state providers and with rising prescription drug costs.

Afterward, Mike Hall, the Task Force chairman and Justice’s chief of staff, blamed the long hiatus on scheduling conflicts of committee members.

“It’s difficult to get this group of people together on the same day,” Hall said of the 10-member...


By: Pete Davis, WV MetroNews

PINEVILLE, W.Va. — Long before Wyoming County residents learned that the county’s largest private employer, the Pinnacle Mine, would not be saved from closure, administrators with the public school system were preparing for the economic hardship that such a circumstance likely would create for the county’s schools, which rely heavily on revenue generated by taxes from area businesses.

Deirdre Cline became Superintendent of Wyoming...