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By Samuel Speciale

Charleston Daily Mail

A proposed school calendar with an early start date had the support of several stakeholder groups who spoke Thursday at the Kanawha County Board of Education meeting.

The calendar, which would have students in school from Aug. 10 to May 24, is nearly identical to the one Kanawha County is using this year. It also allocates one week for Thanksgiving and spring breaks and two full weeks for winter break.

A second calendar...


By Ryan Quinn

The Charleston Gazette

The Calhoun County school district’s deficit at the end of last fiscal year surpassed $1.8 million, exceeding one-fifth of its annual operating budget, but recent drastic efforts to reduce it have received opposition from employees.

Superintendent Tim Woodward, who joined the district in March, said that despite losing $350,000 annually in state funding over the past several years due to declining enrollment – Calhoun dropped from 1,...


By David Gutman, Charleston Gazette

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s announcement that he will introduce legislation to expand the hiring of teachers who do not have a background in teaching has the state’s teachers unions taking a wait-and-see approach.

“We must give local school systems better flexibility to train and hire subject-matter experts to fill long-term vacancies in critical subject areas,” Tomblin said during his State of the State address Wednesday night.



And we’re off!

Wednesday’s start to West Virginia’s 82nd Legislature carried with it a strong sense of history. After all, the state had not had Republican majorities in the Senate and House of Delegates since 1932.

Republicans did their best to avoid spiking the ball, but they were understandably gleeful. Democrats, facing the unfamiliar position of the minority party, were gracious.
And Governor Tomblin, in his state of the state address last night, acknowledged the...


By Joel Ebert, Daily Mail

As is the case with every year, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin received a variety of praise and criticism from members of his own party, as well as the new majority party, following Wednesday’s State of the State Address.Republican leaders were pleased to hear the governor’s call to push back against regulations being proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

”The EPA is way, way too deep in the business and the future of our state. We’re going to push...