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House rejects tobacco tax hike bill, the only new revenues in budget proposals
By Shauna Johnson, MetroNews

The crafters of West Virginia’s budget for the new fiscal year that begins on July 1 have more work to do. On Tuesday, the House of Delegates rejected SB 1005, the tobacco tax bill, with a 44-55 vote following more than three hours of debate.

House Finance Committee Chair Eric Nelson (R-Kanawha, 35) called the bill a “primary revenue component” of...


Budget blues
Hoppy's Commentary, Hoppy Kercheval host of Talkline

Today is day seven of the special legislative session on the budget and it’s not going well… not well at all.

The tobacco tax increase, which is a critical piece for patching the $270 million hole in next year’s budget, is at passage stage in the House of Delegates later today, but the odds are against it being approved.

The Republican leadership wants it to pass, but is...


Budget going to Senate floor; House Finance advances its version to full floor Monday night
By MetroNews Staff

After months of talks, budget bills could be taken up on the floors of both state Senate and state House of Delegates as early as Tuesday.

Members of both the Senate Finance Committee and House Finance Committee met again Monday afternoon for budget work in their respective chambers at the State Capitol where a Special Session continued.



New Logan school board members upset over superintendent contract
By Ryan Quinn, WV Gazette-Mail

Logan County’s school board approved in February a four-year contract extension for its superintendent, Phyllis Doty, who currently makes $115,000 per year.

By the time the contract — which includes $2,500 annual raises and payment for the employee’s portion of Doty’s health insurance coverage — takes effect July 1, the five-member board will have four members...


Nelson: House getting closer to budget plan
By Jeff Jenkins, WV MetroNews

House of Delegates Finance Committee Chair Eric Nelson said Friday he anticipates having a budget plan ready for House members to consider sometime Monday.

“The intent of the chair right now is that Monday we’d start having the budget talks so we can put the pieces together and move forward for the citizens of West Virginia of balancing this 2017 budget,” Nelson (R-Kanawha) said....