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CHARLESTON, W.Va. – During today’s State Board of Education meeting, WVEA President Dale Lee made the following remarks about educators’ mental health and substitute shortage across the state.

President Lee told the Board, while visiting our public schools over...


WVEANow is the time for family! The best gift is a WVEA membership. Do you have a colleague or friend who is not a WVEA member? Help us spread the word here: 


CHARLESTON, W.VA. – WVEA will continue to advocate for public schools and make eductors voices heard despite efforts to silence the voices of public school educators, says WVEA President Dale Lee. He was responding to the ...


roasterNICHOLAS COUNTY – Two years ago, ProStart/Culinary Teacher...


Lynsi Boyd named 2022 Global Learning Fellow!

Lynsi Boyd loves traveling to new places to experience different cultures, history, and environments. “I crave exploration and the chance to learn more about the world through place-based learning. Place-based learning has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures by interacting with locals to learn where and how they live firsthand,” she says...