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School system computer network hacked by Ohio County student
By Jeff Jenkins in News | WV MetroNews

WHEELING, W.Va. — A Wheeling area high school student was recently able to invade the public education computer network and slow things down including standardized testing that was happening in some counties at the time.

West Virginia Department of Education Chief Technology Officer Sterling Beane said it happened last week when the student used an off-...


Deadline to avoid PEIA deductible increase coming up
By Phil Kabler, Staff writer, Charleston Gazette

After years of offering proverbial carrots, the Public Employees Insurance Agency is using a stick approach to get members more involved in taking care of their health: Non-compliers will have their medical deductible increased by $500 a year.

“This is the wakeup call to say to people, you’ve got to be accountable,” PEIA Executive...


School board giving back by way of tax break in Ohio County

OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. -- Neighbors in Ohio County will soon see a break in their property taxes.

The board of education voted Tuesday morning to cut taxes by 2 percent for the first time in 18 years, but it wasn't without opposition. Some say Ohio County Schools will take a hit from funding improvements, but others say they could afford to give the taxpayers a break with...


Editorial: Keep the politics out of the classroom, please
Charleston Daily Mail editorial

If the local educators were in charge of curricula, you probably wouldn’t hear much complaining about testing requirements.

Oh sure, some students and parents would complain about the difficulty of the tests – some parents would complain that the teacher doesn’t like their kid, and so on.

But you likely would not have the power struggle over Big Education in...


Is teacher absenteeism really a problem?
By Ryan Quinn, Staff writer   
CHARLESTON, W.Va. — State school board member Wade Linger recently said that in some counties teachers are missing more days than their students. State education officials acknowledge there may be a problem but couldn’t provide firm numbers to support the allegation.

In 2013, as legislators pushed a bill to address the alleged problem, then-state schools Superintendent Jim...