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Legislature fails to pass adjustment in 180-day school calendar
By Jeff Jenkins, WV MetroNews

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — If West Virginia schoolkids are going to avoid heading to school in mid to late June their counties will have to get a waiver from the state Board of Education. A bill creating a way to use instructional minutes to convert to instructional days died on the last night of the legislative session.

The bill (SB537) passed the House of Delegates...


Session comes to an end; several bills fall short on final night
By Jeff Jenkins, WV MetroNews

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The final day of the 60-day regular legislative session may be best remembered for what didn’t pass than for what did as several much-talked-...


The Charleston Gazette: Charter — Sad example

On this final day of the session, the 2015 Legislature seems likely to add West Virginia to 43 states that authorize charter schools — special schools supported by tax money but operated by private owners under outside contracts, independent from county school systems and teacher unions.

Last week, the state Senate approved the schools in an 18-16 party-line vote. Then the House Education Committee removed language...


State school board approves make-up day waiver process
By Ryan Quinn, Staff writer, Charleston Gazette

County school districts may be allowed to make up fewer days after snow-day cancellations under a waiver process approved 6-1 by the West Virginia Board of Education Wednesday.

Until April 1, school districts will be able to ask the state school board for permission to not make up school days that were canceled due to states of emergency, according to...


House Amendments to Immunization Bill Being Opposed by State DHHR and DOE

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources and the state Department of Education supported the immunization bill passed by the state Senate, but opposed House amendments Wednesday.

The proposed House amendments, in SB 286, would eliminate the DHHR's ability to add vaccines through the state's current medical exemption process.

The DHHR uses a process that allows a...