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PEIA pushes harder on wellness
Hoppy's Commentary | Hoppy Kercheval, WV MetroNews

The health insurance program for West Virginia’s public employees is a necessary but expensive proposition. The Public Employees Insurance Agency projects expenses of over $1 billion annually for its nearly 220,000 members.

PEIA is continually trying to find ways to hold down costs, and thus keep premiums for the state and local government employees and the employer (...


Martirano to begin public review of Common Core standards
By Erin Timony, The State Journal

West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Michael Martirano will begin a public review of the Next Generation Content Standards in English Language Arts and math,...


Amended science standards called ‘progress’
By Ryan Quinn, Staff writer   
Some groups that denounced now-rejected changes to West Virginia’s upcoming K-12 science standards regarding global warming are disappointed in new modifications but view them as less harmful than the previous version.

“It still represents progress, as far as we’re concerned,” said Glenn Branch, deputy director of the National Center for Science Education, a nonprofit that...


State board correct to uphold 180-day standard for schools
Herald Dispatch editorial

Last month, members of the West Virginia Board of Education sent out the signal that it would consider letting county school systems off the hook for meeting the state's requirement of conducting classes 180 days during the school year.

That signal - made by the board's approval on March 11 of a process for counties to request a waiver from the requirement - was the wrong...


What matters most: Quantity or quality
Exponent- Telegram Editorial

It appears that Gov. Tomblin and the state Board of Education are intent on seeing that state schoolchildren complete 180 days of school come hell or high water — or, as the case may be, Winter Storm Thor.

The West Virginia Board of Education on Wednesday denied requests by all 27 school districts that applied for make-up-day forgiveness, meaning those districts will have to extend the...