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Department of Education Continues Academic Standards Meetings
By Clark Davis, WV Public Broadcasting

The West Virginia Department of Education is set to hold a meeting tonight at Marshall about academic standards in the state.

It’s the latest in a series of town hall-style meetings being held around the state. They’ll examine the West Virginia Next Generation Standards for grades K-12. The meeting starts at 6:30 in the Memorial Student Center on Marshall’...


State revenues down $12 million after 2 months of fiscal year
By Jeff Jenkins, MetroNews

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The struggling coal industry is rearing its head in state revenue collections with coal severance revenue already down $20 million from estimates after just two months of the fiscal year.

The state Department of Revenue released the latest numbers Thursday. The state collected $299 million in taxes in August, which was $7.5 million below estimates...


State Bar panel told lawyers should not be required in hearings
By Kate White, Courts Reporter, Charleston Gazette-Mail

An overwhelming majority of speakers Thursday sent a clear message to the West Virginia State Bar’s Unlawful Practice of Law Committee that non-lawyers should continue to appear as advocates in state administrative proceedings.

Both lawyers and union representatives spoke during a hearing before the committee...


Wayne County schools' internet site hacked
By WV MetroNews Staff

The Wayne County Board of Education website was hacked Wednesday by someone claiming to be part of the Islamic State, state police said.

The main page of the site was hacked over by a group calling themselves “Elite” Islamic State Hackers, saying they were hacking in the name of “Allah.” The attack is believed to have come from overseas.

“When internet users visit the Board of...


Conservative economist pushes lower taxes for wealthy at The Greenbrier
By David Gutman, Charleston Gazette-Mail

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Conservative economist Arthur Laffer, during a speech to members of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, urged the state to cut its top individual income tax rates as soon as possible, saying it is the best thing a state can do to stimulate growth.