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Charleston Gazette-Mail

Math and science were never my strong suits. I did not really master basic math concepts until I took a course in new math for elementary school teachers to fulfill a core requirement for my undergraduate degree.

I discovered much later in life that I have a strong memory for visuals and feelings. This gift may be why I did OK in high school geometry and ended up with a career in social work.

I struggled to learn the mechanics of ratios...


By Phil Kabler, Charleston Gazette-Mail

September 28, 2020

With the latest West Virginia version of the COVID-19 risk map looking markedly different from the original Harvard Global Health Institute map, Gov. Jim Justice took umbrage Monday to suggestions the state is manipulating the map to reopen public schools more quickly.

“I really probably would take terrible offense to someone who would say we are manipulating the numbers,” Justice said during...


By Bill Schackner, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

September 25, 2020

At West Virginia University, 65 students infected with COVID-19 were housed inside Arnold Apartments, a campus residence, as of Sept. 15.

But by the next day, the number was down to one — at least in the eyes of the state.

It wasn’t a miraculous recovery, but, instead, a change in how West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice chooses to count cases involving college students isolating on campus...