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By Ryan Quinn 
The Sunday Gazette-Mail

Groups that support teaching students about the evidence showing that humans are contributing to a global rise in temperatures are speaking out against West Virginia’s changes to the state’s new K-12 science education standards.

At the request of state school board member Wade Linger, who said he doesn’t believe human-influenced climate change is a “foregone conclusion,” the teaching requirements concerning climate change were...


By Bobbi Nicholson 
The Sunday Gazette-Mail

Mark Twain is credited with saying, “In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.” That seems an uncharitable assessment, and perhaps an insulting one (at least to the genuine idiots among us).

On the other hand, recent decisions by some esteemed members of the West Virginia Board of Education do call into question their judgment and the intellectual caliber that underlies it. That...


By Kristi Murphy 
The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON - The Cabell County Board of Education voted Tuesday to endorse a petition to Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin that supports increasing salaries for teachers and support personnel.

Teacher Denis Chapman asked the board to endorse the West Virginia Education Association's efforts to lobby lawmakers for a multi-year salary increase, citing Cabell County's proximity to other states where teachers are paid more.

"They can go to...


By Eric Eyre 
The Charleston Gazette

West Virginia Schools Superintendent Michael Martirano’s first major administrative hire lasted four days on the job, after Department of Education officials learned that the office’s new executive director is being investigated for allegedly misusing state funds at a similar post in Virginia.

On Dec. 4, Tammy McGraw was fired from her job as executive director of the West Virginia department’s instructional technology division. Just...


By Mike Hricik  
The Charleston Gazette  
WINFIELD — Putnam County secondary math teachers don’t like the structure of certain Common Core courses. And, they feel that their students aren’t getting the course material either.

Putnam County Board of Education members unanimously approved seeking a waiver from the state from Common Core “integrated” math curricula on Monday night.

If approved by the West Virginia Department of Education, the waiver would allow...