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Allegations grow over mismanagement in Logan County schools
By Chris Lawrence, WV MetroNews

Allegations of misspending of Logan County school funds on wedding paraphernalia may only be the tip of the iceberg.  Logan County School Board President Paul Hardesty confirmed the purchase of the questionable items during Monday’s MetroNews Talkline.

“They were purchased at the Logan County Board of Education.  They were purchased with the sate P-Card. Most, if...


Like Herbert Hoover, flooded Clendenin Elementary to close
By Matt Maccaro, WV MetroNews

CLENDENIN, W.Va. — Clendenin Elementary School will be the second in Kanawha County to shut its doors in the wake of devastating flooding on June 23.

The Kanawha County School Board announced Wednesday evening in a special public meeting that due to damage that amounts to 97 percent of its $3.7 million value according to FEMA, the school will close and be replaced...


Kanawha teachers return to school following flooding
By Carrie Hodousek, WV MetroNews

ELKVIEW, W.Va. — Teachers are back in Kanawha County Schools Wednesday, but for some, it will be the first time they’ve seen their classrooms since the historic June flood.

“Some of them haven’t seen their rooms since they left back in June, so they don’t really totally understand what they’re going to be coming in and facing, a lot of them,” said Melissa Lovejoy,...


WVEA's Lee on Boone: 'You can't balance it totally on employees'
By Chris Lawrence, WV MetroNews

MADISON, W.Va. — The Boone County School System will open the 2016-17 school year with more than 40 job vacancies.

The county saw a flurry of resignations just before Monday’s deadline for the 2015-16 school year contract, most of them are attributed to cuts in the budget which cost teachers around $4,000 in their annual pay along with dental and vision...


Several Boone employees resign amid budget crisis
The Associated Press

MADISON, W.Va. (AP) – About 40 employees of the Boone County School District have resigned amid a budget crisis.

Media outlets report that Monday was the deadline for employees to resign ahead of the 2016-17 school year. On July 18, employees were told they would take a $4,000 pay cut in order to help deal with county’s budget deficit.
They’ll also lose health and dental benefits...