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House budget up for passage today
By Matt Maccaro, WV MetroNews

The House of Delegates moved its budget forward to third reading Thursday.

A lengthy House floor session that began around 5 p.m. Thursday saw most amendments to its budget rejected, including a proposal from Del. Ron Walters (R-Kanawha) to strip funding out of various accounts in the budget bill, including eliminating funding for West Virginia University Institute of Technology and Fairmont...


An exasperated WV Senate budget-writer speaks his mind
Dan Heyman, public News Service

Charleston, W.Va. - West Virginia lawmakers have boxed themselves into a budget crisis, and the head of a legislative budget-writing committee says it keeps him up nights worrying about it.

There are some signs of motion in the House going into the weekend, but Senate Finance Committee chairman Mike Hall, R-Putnam County, said the failure of a tobacco tax hike in the...


Senate Finance chair says bigger Rainy Day dip could keep state government running in short-term
By Shauna Johnson, WV MetroNews

The budget deadline is closer than some West Virginia lawmakers may think, according to Senate Finance Committee Chair Mike Hall (R-Putnam, 04).

Friday marks five weeks until the beginning of West Virginia’s 2017 fiscal year and, nine days into a Special Session, there were no indications state lawmakers were nearing a budget...


Budget impasse continues as House snuffs out tobacco tax
By Pamela Pritt Register, Herald Reporter

Undeterred by the failure of a tobacco tax in the House of Delegates Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael said the GOP leadership will now focus on other revenue-producing measures to bolster an ailing state budget now $271 million out of whack.

As soon as the House vote failed, a war of words broke out between Speaker of the House Tim Armstead...


Gov. Tomblin: Don’t raid WV Rainy Day Fund
By Eric Eyre, Staff Writer

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin sent a strong message to West Virginia lawmakers Tuesday: Don’t raid the state’s Rainy Day reserve funds to balance the budget.

Tomblin indicated that he would veto any budget bill that strips more than a “few million dollars” from the state’s Rainy Day account.

“I prefer, first of all, not to take any out, but if I have to close the budget gap, I’d be able...