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State school board approves reducing standardized testing
By Ryan Quinn, Staff writer

The West Virginia Board of Education Thursday approved a measure eliminating statewide standardized testing in social studies and reducing examinations in science, among several major education changes.

The board also delayed, for at least this school year and next, labeling schools with its new A-F grading system, which takes standardized testing into account.



State school board eases end-of-year testing requirement
By Samuel Speciale, Education reporter, Charleston Gazette

The West Virginia Board of Education will not use test scores to determine teacher and school performance grades for at least one year and voted Wednesday to relax some of its testing policies while the state transitions to a new set of standardized assessments.

End-of-year student assessments, for years, have included mandatory testing in...


State superintendent of schools hires chief of staff     
By Samuel Speciale, Education reporter
West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Michael Martirano has hired a chief of staff who will oversee the day-to-day operations of his office.

While the state Department of Education has not yet made an announcement, the hiring of Jill Newman, a retired U.S. Army official from Scott Depot, is listed on the state Board of Education’s February meeting...


State Dept. of Education wants less standardized testing
By Ryan Quinn, The Charleston Gazette

The West Virginia Department of Education wants the state school board to, at least temporarily, reduce statewide standardized testing and allow math classes to be taught in the order they were before the movement to Common Core-based standards.

At Thursday’s board meeting, the department plans to recommend allowing schools to eliminate social studies...


Marple’s lawsuit against state board moves forward
By Kate White, The Charleston Gazette

A judge Monday denied a request by an attorney for the West Virginia Board of Education to allow the Supreme Court to decide whether former state schools superintendent Jorea Marple was an at-will employee.

Victor Flanagan, the school board’s lawyer, said immediately letting the high court decide whether Marple served at the will and pleasure of the state would save...