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Nicholas County superintendent's snow day song goes viral
By Samuel Speciale, Education Reporter, WV Gazette-Mail

It's not uncommon for school administrators like Nicholas County Superintendent Keith Butcher to get creative when announcing snow days. The attention that comes after, however, can be unexpected.

Butcher, who in recent days became an Internet sensation for his snow day rendition of Adele's pop hit “Hello,” is dealing with newfound celebrity,...


Supreme Court says language clear Tomblin must appoint Republican

By Jeff Jenkins | WV MetroNews

The state Senate will return to an 18-16 advantage for Republicans following an opinion by the state Supreme Court Friday in the controversy surrounding the replacement for former Senator Daniel Hall.

In an opinion authored by Justice Margaret Workman, the Court ruled 3-1, the...


WV Senate passes right-to-work on party line, as court decision looms
By David Gutman, Political Reporter, WV Gazette Mail

The West Virginia Senate passed a controversial “right-to-work” bill Thursday, by the barest of margins, just hours or days before a state Supreme Court ruling could switch the balance of power in the Senate.

With the Senate galleries packed with union members opposing the bill, and with the pending court decision leaving it unclear...


Senate passes right to work as emotions run high
By Jeff Jenkins, MetroNews

With the gallery packed with union members, the state Senate approved the controversial right to work bill along party lines following a debate that lasted for more than an hour Thursday.

The measure, called the Workplace Freedom Act, would make it illegal to connect a workers’ employment to union membership or require dues and fees connected with a union.

Opponents of the...


Gazette editorial: Classroom disruption

State Schools Superintendent Michael Martirano issued an important warning just before the start of the legislative session: Continual efforts to repeal state education standards are disrupting the state’s classrooms.

“We can’t continue to have this disruption every year,” Martirano said to reporters at the Associated Press Legislative Lookahead event on Jan. 8.

Last year, lawmakers threatened to repeal the state’s...