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State BOE member Linger says “I’m out”
By Jeff Jenkins, WV MetroNews

Seven-year state Board of Education member Wade Linger resigned Tuesday in a stinging criticism of what he described as the “encroachment” of the state legislature into education issues.

Linger, of Fairmont, told MetroNews “Talkline” host Hoppy Kercheval Wednesday the state constitution set up the non-elected state Board of Education to be insulated from politics but that’s been...


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Goodwin criticizes ‘divisive’ bills at session
By Matt Maccaro, WV MetroNews

Former U.S. Attorney and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Booth Goodwin weighed in on some of the issues facing the Mountain State Monday.

Goodwin felt that so far, too many of the bills introduced at the 2016 Legislative Session have been too divisive.

“All the stuff that’s up there, except maybe the discussion about broadband which is...


Manchin says right to work is playing partisan politics with West Virginia jobs
WV MetroNews Staff

As the state House of Delegates Judiciary Committee debated the bill Friday afternoon that would make West Virginia a right to work state, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin weighed in on the controversy.

In a prepared statement, Manchin said right to work legislation “will do nothing to create jobs in West Virginia.”

He said while he was governor not one...


House floor next step for right to work bill

By Matt Maccaro, WV MetroNews

A bill that would make West Virginia a Right to Work state is on its way forward after passing the House Judiciary Committee Friday afternoon.

The 13-10 vote, with two absentees, will send the legislation to the full House of Delegates next week. The bill makes it illegal to require union connection to employment.

The vote wasn’t entirely a party line vote; Del. Roger...


Challenger disaster: McAuliffe’s students go on to teach  
By KATHY McCORMACK, Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – Thirty years after the Concord High School class of ‘86 watched social studies teacher Christa McAuliffe and six astronauts perish when the space shuttle Challenger exploded on live TV, a number of them have gone into teaching – and some wonder if, indirectly, the tragedy affected them enough that they wanted to make a difference, as she did....