WVEA's Competitive Pay Campaign

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Recognizing that West Virginia truly needed to achieve competitive pay for teachers and education support professionals in our schools, the WVEA launched the Competitive Pay Campaign.

This multiyear effort is meant to attract and retain highly qualified and certified professionals in our classrooms. West Virginia will continue to have a difficult time competing for the best teachers if we rank 46th in the nation for teacher pay.

The days of paying low salaries and believing college students will select education as a career is over. For too long we have been an exporter of teacher graduates and that has caught up to us.

Competitive pay is also a matter of economic development for West Virginia. To prepare a workforce of students who will compete in the 21st century, we need to invest in our teachers and staff. Good, strong public schools will attract business and industry to our state.

Competitive pay for teachers became a key issue during the recent gubernatorial campaign. Governor Jim Justice said our teachers need to be paid more during his Inaugural Address on Jan. 16.

Let Gov. Justice and your state lawmakers know that competitive pay is very important to you and to West Virginia.

As we continue working on the Competitive Pay Campaign, we’ll let you know about ways you can get involved to support this most important effort.