WVEA Urges Senator Capito to Vote Against DeVos Nomination

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WVEA Urges Senator Capito to Vote Against DeVos Nomination
WVEA Comunnications - Press Release

WVEA, the state’s largest teacher organization, urges Senator Capito to vote against the nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

“As educators we are greatly concerned about the possibility of Betsy DeVos heading the Department of Education. We encourage Senator Capito to join the bipartisan group of Senators who have found DeVos to be unqualified for the position and vote against her nomination,” states WVEA President Dale Lee.

During the hearing process, Mrs. DeVos clearly demonstrated that she lacks the experience and qualifications to lead the U.S. Department of Education in furthering its mission to foster educational excellence and ensure equal access to education for all students.

“Mrs. DeVos’ own words under questioning by the HELP Committee, and her record, clearly illustrate that she lacks a basic understanding of federal education policy, laws, and instructional practices, has no relevant experience to lead the Department, and that she instead has been a champion for failed schemes like private school vouchers and charter schools,” continued Lee.

DeVos has been instrumental in funding and advocating for charter schools, vouchers and for-profit schools in her home state of Michigan. Her efforts by all objective accounts have failed the students of Michigan and have been especially harmful to the students in Detroit, where most of her efforts have been concentrated.

“We need a Secretary of Education who is qualified and experienced enough to take on the monumental task of leading the Department of Education in its mission to foster educational excellence and ensure equal access. Regrettably, Mrs. DeVos is not that person, and we urge you to Vote No on Mrs. DeVos for Secretary of Education,” Lee said.

WVEA is the largest teacher organization in the state and is the state affiliate of the 3 million member National Education Association (NEA). WVEA represents teachers, education support professionals, higher education professionals and classified staff, retirees and college students pursuing a career in education.