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*****In addition to the candidates listed above, WVEA-PAC has endorsed Theresa "Tess" Jackson for the House in the 15th District.

WVDE Releases Balanced Scorecard

The West Virginia Department of Education has unveiled the new West Virginia Schools Balanced Scorecard. This replaces the previous A-F accountability system and will be used to outline accountability ratings for each public school as part of the requirement of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Schools were evaluated on multiple indicators including academic achievement, English learner proficiency and student success or school quality. 

Much attention has been given to the math and attendance ratings. As WVEA President Dale Lee points out, over the past several years our students have been taught using multiple math standards and curricula. We have also used multiple assessment measures to compare our results.

Attendance is also a big problem with many schools not meeting the standard. We cannot teach students who are not there. Attendance is an issue that we must work together with parents and community leaders to figure out a solution. 

Finally, last year we had 727 classrooms without a certified teacher due to low pay, diminishing benefits, lack of respect and a slew of other issues; we could be seeing that effect on our students. We stood up last year not only for ourselves, but for our students as well. Our actions in this election are so vitally important if we are to continue in our efforts to improve public education. 

For more information on the Balanced Scorecard and to view school results, visit

WVEA Video Update - 8/20/18

PEIA Task Force Information

The PEIA Task Force has a website available to keep track of the latest happenings, see past meetings and view documents.

The findings of the PEIA Task Force on Public Outreach is available here. (8/16)


To recap the Governor's PEIA comments from the press conference on June 18, 2018 

The governor is asking the PEIA Finance Board to amend the current salary tiers of PEIA so that the pay increase does not move anyone into another tier and cause them to have their premiums increased. This will take place in July and impact the upcoming school year.

It was a little confusing in live time but the intent is to keep premiums from increasing next month due to the 5% salary increase.

The PEIA Finance Board meets on Thursday and is expected to make the change at that time.