WVEA Safe Schools Presentation

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The WVEA has long been concerned about school safety and worked to assure our schools are safe places in which to learn and work.

WVEA is offering professional development training in addition to hardcopy informational material which outlines your authority, resources and protections as public school employees in all types of situations (teacher empowerment, assault, expulsion, suspension, harassment, disciplinary removal of students with exceptionalities, etc.). As WVEA and local association members, we can continue to improve the safety of West Virginia schools if everyone understands the pertinent sections of WV Code and WVBE policies and insists they are enforced.

If you are interested in a WVEA staff member giving a presentation for your county, staff or building; please contact your local president, the WVEA staff person assigned to your region or the WVEA Help Center.