WVEA-PAC endorses pro-education candidates for WV Legislature

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March 27, 2018 - For Immediate Release
WVEA Communications Staff

WVEA-PAC endorses pro-education candidates for WV Legislature

The West Virginia Education Association-Political Action Committee (WVEA-PAC) recommends the following candidates for the WV Legislature in the May 8 Primary Election.

“WVEA-PAC believes, based on past performances and responses to interview questions, these candidates are advocates for public education and children,” stated WVEA-PAC Chair Dale Lee. “These candidates share our commitment to improving education in West Virginia.”

WVEA-PAC is the independent, political arm of the WVEA, the state’s largest teacher organization.

WVEA-PAC endorsed the following candidates:

WV State Senate
1st    William Ihlenfeld
2nd    Denny Longwell
3rd    Simon Hargus
4th    Brian Prim
5th    Mike Woelfel
6th    Wesley Blankenship
         Charles E. Sammons
7th    Ron Stollings
8th    Richard Lindsay
9th    John Quesenberry
10th    Stephen Baldwin
11th    Bill Hamilton
12th    Mike Romano
13th    Bob Beach
14th    Stephanie Zucker
16th    John Unger
17th    Terrell Ellis

WV House of Delegates
1st    Diana Magnone
         Randy Swartzmiller
2nd    Phillip Diserio
3rd    Dalton Haas
         Erikka Storch
         Shawn Fluharty
4th    Joe Canestraro
         Lisa Zukoff
5th    Dave Pethtel
6th    T. Chris Combs
8th    Bill Anderson
10th    Andy Daniel
          Harry Deitzler
          J. Morgan Leach
11th    James Alan Pickens
12th    Missy Morris
13th    Scott Brewer
14th    Brianne Solomon
16th    Vera Miller
          Matt Spurlock
          Sean Hornbuckle
17th    Matt Rohrbach
          Chad Lovejoy
18th    Paul David Ross
19th    Ken Hicks
          Robert Thompson
20th    Barry Marcum
21st    Mark Dean
          Phyllis Riffe White
22nd   Gary McCallister
23rd    Rodney Miller
24th    Ralph Rodighiero
          Tim Tomblin
25th    John “Andy” Vance
26th    Ed Evans
27th    Carol B. Bailey
          Lacy Watson
          Phoebe Jeffries Meadows
28th    Jeffrey Pack
          Ron Cantley II
          Andrew Evans
          Sandy Shaw
29th    Ricky Moye
30th    Mick Bates
31st    Christopher Wayne Toney
           Richard “Rick” Snuffer II
32nd    Luke Lively
          Margaret Anne Staggers
          Selina Vickers
33rd    David Walker
34th    Brent Boggs
35th    Andrew Byrd
          James P. Robinette
          Renate Pore
36th    Amanda Estep-Burton
          Andrew Robinson
          Larry L. Rowe
37th    Mike Pushkin
38th    Dianna Graves
39th    David “Woody” Holmes
40th    Melissa Riggs Huffman
41st    Monica Addington
42nd   Cindy Lavender-Bowe
          Jeff Campbell
43rd    Bill Hartman
          Phil Isner
44th    Dana Lynch
46th    Robert L. “Bob” Stultz
47th    Ed Larry
48th    Richard J. Iaquinta
          Robert “Rob” Garcia
          Tim Miley
49th    George Allen Abel
50th    Linda Longstreth
          Michael Angelucci
          Mike Caputo
51st    Barbara Evans Fleishauer
          Danielle Walker
          Evan Hansen
          John Williams
          Rodney A. Pyles
52nd   Justin Hough
53rd    Cory Chase
55th    Isaac Sponaugle
56th    Will Skehan
58th    Bibi Hahn
59th    John Isner
61st    Jason Barrett
63rd    Sam Brown
64th    Wendy J. G. Bird
65th    Sammi Brown
66th    David M. Dinges
67th    John Doyle