WVEA Foundation (WVFIE)

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The mission of WVFIE is to help teachers and others whose work is essential to the learning community attain the resources they need to make a difference in students’ lives.

In 1993, the WVEA established the WVEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education (WVFIE), a product of many years of planning by our members. WVFIE is an independent tax-exempt foundation dedicated to securing financial resources and using them effectively in responding to the education needs of at-risk children. 

The concept of WVFIE came from WVEA members in the late eighties searching for additional resources to use to enhance their teaching and make a difference in the lives of their students. They came up with the idea that it would be nice for their Association to fill that void. Those ideas were used to create WVFIE. 

While some funding for WVFIE comes from voluntary contributions from individuals and corporations, the largest percentage comes from WVEA members. Each year a portion of your dues is earmarked for the Foundation. To date, WVFIE has awarded nearly $300,000. As a result, tens of thousands of at-risk children in West Virginia have benefited. An eleven-member Board of Directors, which includes members of the WVEA Executive Committee, governs WVFIE. 

“Many of our members are not aware of their own Foundation and the tremendous work it is doing,” states WVFIE President Dale Lee. “I wish more individuals would apply for the grant opportunities that we make available. The paperwork is easy to complete and the grant process itself is very simple.” 

“WVFIE is one of the many aspects of the WVEA that makes our members proud. It is programs and projects like WVFIE that distinguish the WVEA from others,” continued Lee. “Our members should feel proud that we are an Association that helps in every aspect of their career.” 

There are no grants currently available! Please check back at a later date.