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State Board / Education Policy Update - Invitation for Public Comment

Educators ability to provide the students with the best education possible is impacted by the policies passed by the West Virginia Board of Education. WVEA members are strongly urged to check back to this page, where we list all the policies currently being discussed and that are in need of public comment (from education professionals). Adopted policies will also be listed here. 

The following policies are open for public comment for a 30-day period. WVEA urges you to read the synopsis of proposed policy revisions respond to the WVDE with your comments

  • Policy 2330 Non-public School Accreditation: This policy is being revised for the first time since 2013. Changes to the policy clearly identify the documents needed to verify the accreditation status of the schools and defines expectations for transfers of records. This policy will be put on public comment for 30 days. 
  • Policy 5314 Service Personnel Classification, Competency Testing and Profession Learning: This Policy is a repeal and replace as four policies are being incorporated into one. Policies being repealed are: 5141, 5314.01, 5301, and 5500.02. The new Policy 5314 outlines the service personnel classifications, competency test procedures, and defines the Service Personnel Staff Development Council. This policy will be on public comment for 30 days.