WV state school board proposes lowering some teacher requirements

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WV state school board proposes lowering some teacher requirements
Ryan Quinn, Charleston Gazette-Mail

The West Virginia Board of Education has proposed changing some requirements to become a public school teacher by exempting education bachelor’s degree holders who meet minimum grade point averages from having to pass the basic knowledge test, and no longer requiring non-education master’s degree holders with “five years of directly related work experience” to pass a content knowledge test to teach in the subject they hold a master’s in.

The state school board is also proposing to increase the valid period for teacher licensure tests and passing scores on those tests to 10 years from the date the candidate passed, up from just a year “after completion of an approved program for licensure where the applicant was continuously enrolled.” The changes also say that if the state board “has not altered either the required test or the passing score, the test and score shall remain valid beyond the ten-year period.”

Michele Blatt, assistant state superintendent over the state Department of Education’s Division of Support and Accountability, said the proposed changes also include the education department providing free online courses, in lieu of college courses, for teachers to renew their certificates. She said they couldn’t use this option to reach higher salary classifications.

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