WV state school board considering no-labels school accountability plan

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WV state school board considering no-labels school accountability plan
Ryan Quinn, Charleston Gazette-Mail

Following its abandonment of two “summative” labeling systems in three years, the West Virginia Board of Education is now considering a new school accountability system that would no longer give any overall labels to entire schools.

For the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years, the board’s “Accountability Index” labeled entire schools with words like “success” and “priority

After dumping that and having no summative labeling system for 2014-15, the board gave entire schools A-F grades for their performance in 2015-16, including by taking into account their improvement on statewide standardized test scores from the previous school year.

Gov. Jim Justice, who took office in January, said this of A-F in his February State of the State address: “That’s got to go.” Due to the resignations of the board’s leaders and other factors, Justice was able to quickly make a majority of the board his own appointees, and in March it voted to halt the A-F system.

The summative labels in the two ditched systems were based overwhelmingly on math and English language arts statewide standardized testing.

At Thursday’s board meeting, state Department of Education officials presented a new plan that includes various school measurements, but these statistics wouldn’t be weighed or otherwise combined into any overall label or score.

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