WV public school enrollment drops for 5th year straight

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WV public school enrollment drops for 5th year straight
By Ryan Quinn, Charleston, Gazette-Mail

West Virginia’s public schools lost about 2,460 students from last school year to this one, dropping the total number to 270,708 and making 2017-18 the fifth straight year of enrollment decreases.

Generally, the state school aid funding formula automatically decreases dollars for county public school systems that lose enrollment. Enrollment numbers from the current school year are used to set funding levels for the following fiscal year.

Fiscal years run from July 1 to June 30, so they each contain a single school year.

State Department of Education Communications Director Kristin Anderson provided the statewide 2017-18 school year headcount enrollment figure last week. She said the 2017-18 enrollments for individual county public school systems and individual schools should be uploaded online in the next week or two at

Anderson said these enrollment numbers don’t include the numbers of students in the state’s institutional schools and programs and the Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.

Last school year’s statewide public school enrollment was 273,170, a drop of about 3,970 students from the year before.

That was the largest one-year drop in about 15 years, although the establishment of the state’s pre-kindergarten program since 2002-03 might limit direct comparability over that time. The statewide headcount enrollment was 282,309 about five years ago.

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