Voucher, charter school advocates won't reveal current donors

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By Ryan Quinn, Charleston Gazette-Mail

You may have seen this pro-school vouchers television ad recently, in advance of Monday’s 8:30 a.m. reconvening of West Virginia’s special legislative session on education.

A picture of Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state under President George W. Bush, appears, alongside audio of her saying “when I can look at your zip code and I can tell whether you’re going to get a good education, something has gone very, very wrong.”

An image and audio of Democratic President John F. Kennedy plays. The ad doesn’t note it, but it’s from his speech at Vanderbilt University’s 90th anniversary convocation.


“Only an educated and informed people will be a free people,” Kennedy says.

Then come two Republican presidents: Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan.

The “paid for by Americans for Prosperity-West Virginia” text appears as a narrator ends with: “Ask your legislator to support comprehensive education reform with education savings accounts.”