URGENT! (And Please Share) Calls Needed on SB 239!

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We need a strong effort to contact some key delegates to try to defeat Senate Bill 239. We are hearing about a real push in the House of Delegates to convince some delegates to vote for this anti-worker, anti-union bill by telling them it’s really no big deal, just sign a paper.

Well, it is a big deal.

It’s meant to weaken unions and weaken your ability to seek fair treatment, or to speak out against bad legislation and abuses by your employer. It is also intended to harm the ability of workers to unite.

SB 239 eliminates the collection of “union or club dues” as deductions from employees’ paychecks and requires them to be collected through the wage assessment portion of code. Those annual onerous requirements are a burden to employees and employers.

WVEA is joined by the United Way, the West Virginia Association of School Administrators, the West Virginia Troopers Association, other labor organizations and people who simply see SB 239 for what it is: another blatant attack on working people. 

Please contact the delegates below between now and through Saturday night and ask them to VOTE AGAINST SB 239 ON THE HOUSE FLOOR.

Let them know you are an educator and this is a big deal to you. Start at the top of the list and work your way down!

George Ambler (304) 340-3129
Bill Anderson (304) 340-3168
Roy Cooper (304) 340-3119
Vernon Criss (304) 340-3202
Mark Dean (304) 340-3304
Allen V. Evans (304) 340-3399
Cindy Frich (304) 340-3125
Michael Folk (304) 340-3350
Bill Hamilton (304) 340-3167
Ray Hollen (304) 340-3136
John R. Kelly (304) 340-3394
Charlotte Lane (304) 340-3183
Tony Lewis (304) 340-3396
Zack Maynard (304) 340-3152
Pat McGeehan (304) 340-3397
Ben Queen (304) 340-3171
Tony Paynter (304) 340-3163
Rupert Phillips Jr. (304) 340-3174
Matthew Rohrbach (304) 340-3221
William R. Romine (304) 340-3226
Ruth Rowan (304) 340-3157
Joe Statler (304) 340-3900
Erikka Storch (304) 340-3378
Danny Wagner (304) 340-3398
Guy Ward (304) 340-3331
Brad White (304) 340-3138