Teens charged in Clay County school threat

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Teens charged in Clay County school threat
By Jeff Jenkins, WV MetroNews

State police have charged two Clay County teenagers in connection with what’s been called the Columbine-like threat at Clay County Middle School.

The boys, 13 and 15, face charges through juvenile petitions of making terroristic threats, conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to commit murder.

Schools were canceled in Clay County for three days earlier this month because of the threat and the uncertainty in the community.

“There appears to be evidence of a very real sinister plot to kill quite a few people and bring guns in and destroy a lot of lives,” Clay County Superintendent Kenneth Tanner told MetroNews after the decision to close the county’s schools for a few days. “There was a date of 4/20 that was attached to it because that’s the anniversary of Columbine,” he said. “Had they carried this out, Clay County Middle School would’ve been up there with Columbine High School and Sandy Hook (Elementary School).”

“It was not a prank,” Tanner said. “It was enough elements to constitute a plan and we fully believe there was intent to carry it out.”

The investigation remains active and further juvenile petitions may be filed, troopers said.