Teacher pay raise stalled in WV Senate

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Teacher pay raise stalled in WV Senate
By Ryan Quinn Staff writer

A proposal for a teacher pay raise sitting in a state Senate committee may not be reviewed Friday, which could mean the West Virginia teachers' strike will continue.

A motion was made Friday afternoon to bring the pay raise bill (HB 4145) directly to the Senate floor for immediate consideration, bypassing the finance committee, but that motion was tabled by lawmakers in a 20-14 vote.

The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to meet at 3:30 p.m., Friday, but the pay raise bill is not on the agenda.  

Several public school employees and schools superintendents from Southern West Virginia counties said Friday morning they believe the ongoing worker strike would end in their areas, at least for now, if the state Senate today passes the higher pay raise bill that’s come out of the House of Delegates.