State Board (WVBE) Policies

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WVEA seeks to keep you apprised of policies the West Virginia Board of Education has on public comment. Your ability to provide the students in your classroom with the best education possible is impacted by the policies passed by the West Virginia Board of Education. We urge you to read the synopsis of proposed policy revisions listed below and respond to the WVDE with your comments.

The West Virginia Board of Education held their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, November 14. Several new policies were approved or put out for public comment. 

Policies Adopted:

POLICY 5901 - Regulations for Alternative Certification Programs for the Education of Teachers

This is a repeal and replace to align with changes in WVBE Policy 5202. A majority of the changes deal with removing language that references RESA, WV Center for Professional Development and the Department of Education and the Arts.

POLICY 1241 - Notice and Conduct of Meetings

This is a repeal and replace to reflect current WVBE meeting practices and protocols. This policy governs the notice and conduct of meetings of the West Virginia Board of Education.

This policy states the WVBE will meet at least six times a year where and when they decide. It may meet at other times as necessary, such meetings will be held upon its own resolution or at the call of the superintendent.

One comment was received during the public comment period asking that the policy clarify meetings be held the second Wednesday of each month unless the WVDE or the president say otherwise. This change was made and the policy was approved.

Policies on Comment:

Policy 2520.13/2420- Adult Education Programs 

This is a repeal and replace to assure that career technical education (CTE) programs of study remain up-to-date with workforce needs.

Policy 2420 is being amended to remove and incorporate two sections into Policy 2520.13. This proposed amendment will better align the Advanced Career Education programs of study to the national accreditation requirements.

Changes would also include incorporation and repeal of Policy 2530.02, Parenting Education Curriculum, and Policy 4310, Regarding Eye, Face, or Body Shield Safety Devices.

The main purpose of the above changes is to streamline these policies, clarify definitions and give counselors a better tool when placing students.

These policies will be on comment until 4PM on December 17. Comment Online!

Policy 2520.14- West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Technology and Computer Science

This policy is being amended to separate and clarify standards for technology and computer science. The separation will clarify the standards for teachers and students.

This policy will be on comment until 4PM on December 17. Comment Online!

You can find a complete list of State Board policies at