State Board (WVBE) Policies

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WVEA seeks to keep you apprised of policies the West Virginia Board of Education has on public comment. Your ability to provide the students in your classroom with the best education possible is impacted by the policies passed by the West Virginia Board of Education. We urge you to read the synopsis of proposed policy revisions listed below and respond to the WVDE with your comments.

The West Virginia Board of Education held their regularly scheduled meeting on October 14 in Charleston. Several policies were up for discussion.

  • Policy 4110: A revision to this policy was proposed in order to make it align with HB 206 which passed in 2019. Attendance directors, or their assistants, are no longer required to serve written notice to the parent, guardian, or custodian of students who have accumulated three or five unexcused absences. House Bill 206 instead stipulates the attendance director, assistant director, or principal shall make meaningful contact with the parent/guardian/custodian of the student to ascertain the reasons for the Unexcused Absences and what measures the school may employ to assist the student in attending school and not incurring additional Unexcused Absences. The policy was placed on a 30-day comment period.
  • Policy 5310: This is a revision to the current code. The largest change removes the inclusion of school-wide state summative assessment results in the calculation of teacher and administrator summative evaluation scores. Other changes clarify and update language. This policy was placed on a 30-day comment period.
  • Policy 5100: The proposed revision of this policy will incorporate changes to the yearlong residency model, add the choice for national accreditation, clarify language in the definition sections, and provide corrections to code and policy references. This policy was placed on a 30-day comment period.
  • Policy 5202: Multiple clarifications and language additions were made in this revision of the policy. Important terminology is defined, governing principles are identified, and the criteria for issuance of each license and salary classification are established. These are mostly minor changes to keep up with the changing field of education. The policy was placed on a 30-day comment period.

You can find more on these policies and make your comments here: