State Board of Education to start streaming meeting audio

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State Board of Education to start streaming meeting audio
By Ryan Quinn, The Charleston Gazette-Mail

The West Virginia Board of Education has agreed to begin live-streaming its meetings starting April 12.

At least as far back as July 2015, Bill White, then a board member, had suggested the board consider televising or live-streaming its meetings. As of January of this year, when White was still a member, the board still hadn’t begun doing so, and White brought the issue up again.

Since that January board meeting, Gov. Jim Justice took office, the board’s three officers resigned, Justice appointed White to a new position and Justice appointed four new board members with voting power. The board can have a maximum of nine members with voting power, and there are still two voting member vacancies Justice can fill.

On March 9, the newly reconfigured board discussed the issue, and at another meeting Friday, the current members heard more information and didn’t express opposition to starting live-streaming audio only. There was no official vote taken, but the practice is set to start April 12.

Warren Patterson, the state Department of Education’s chief information officer, had presented the board this month with streaming options from audio to video and audio.

“Let’s work through that a little bit and see what those complications are,” board President Tom Campbell said while discussing starting with just audio. He thinks the board will eventually go to video streaming.

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