State Board of Education to hear comments in Fayetteville tonight

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State Board of Education to hear comments in Fayetteville tonight
By Sarah Plummer, The Register-Herald

Fayette County residents have one opportunity Tuesday to share their thoughts with the West Virginia Board of Education concerning Superintendent Terry George’s plan for the school district.
Following a Fayette County Board of Education meeting at 5 p.m. the state board will convene at 6 p.m. at Fayetteville High School to hear public comment on the proposed plan.
This will be the only chance for public comments before the state Board of Education votes to amend the county Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan to align with George’s plan.
No public comments will be heard at the board’s regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday in Charleston before their vote.
Residents are urged to attend Tuesday’s meeting as a show of support or protest whether they intend to speak publicly or not.
As laid out in an Aug. 27 presentation, George proposes a two-high-school model.
If approved by the state Board of Education, phase one will be to construct one new high school on the plateau to combine current Oak Hill, Midland Trail, Fayetteville and Meadow Bridge high schools.
This new school is expected to cost between $52 million and $58 million.
Valley High School will remain.

Phase two will be to construct a new Mount Hope Elementary School in the Mount Hope area.
Collins Middle School students will be reunited at the existing Oak Hill High buildings once the new high school is constructed.
Proposing to streamline the entire county, George’s plan will create three PreK-8 schools at existing Midland Trail, Fayetteville and Meadow Bridge facilities.
Midland Trail PreK-8 will hold Ansted Middle, Ansted Elementary and Divide Elementary.
Fayetteville PreK-8 will be comprised of Fayetteville grades 7-8, Fayetteville Elementary and Gatewood Elementary.
Meadow Bridge PreK-8 will hold current Meadow Bridge grades 7-8 and Meadow Bridge Elementary. George said plans are to demolish the oldest portion of the Meadow Bridge complex where the second story is condemned.
Some high schools will merge into one and their facilities remain open with younger students, but George’s plan would close the following buildings: Meadow Bridge High, Divide Elementary, Ansted Middle, Ansted Elementary, Gatewood Elementary and the current Collins Middle.
The plan trims the county from 18 schools to 11.