State Board adopts Fayette school plan, SBA is next

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State Board adopts Fayette school plan, SBA is next
By Alex Wiederspiel , MetroNews

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The State Board of Education voted 6-3 in favor of adopting the Fayette County consolidation plan proposed by Superintendent Terry George, which would eliminate merge four high schools into one in the Oak Hill area.

During a meeting in Fayetteville last night, many expressed support for the school plan, but there was an outcry from Meadow Bridge residents who fear the travel time will negatively impact their students.

The travel time would likely be in the neighborhood of 80 minutes for students from the Meadow Bridge area.

The plan is still not final, though. The School Building Authority will need to provide some funding to the county.

The new high school in Fayette County is scheduled to open in 2017 if there are no set backs. Additionally, Oak Hill High School transforms into the new Collins Middle School, and the county will build a new elementary school in Mount Hope.

In total, six schools would close under the consolidation plan, freeing up $50 million in funds for the proposed projects.