Senate leader wants to pass bill allowing charters; may delay raises

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By Ryan Quinn, Charleston Gazette-Mail

West Virginia Senate President Mitch Carmichael says he wants to officially introduce and pass Saturday his newly proposed bill that includes charter schools plus public school worker pay raises and other public school funding increases.

This could finish the senators’ side of the special legislative session on education in one day.

The draft bill, which Carmichael publicly released Friday, wouldn’t give school workers the raise that Republican senators promised until the school year after next, though the Senate president said “there’s no effort to delay a pay raise” and “that’s more a placeholder than anything.”


“We have already reserved the funds for the expense and investment in this bill,” he said. “We went through and just made every effective date [July 1] 2020, based on we’ll pass this as a Senate and we don’t know when the House is going to do it and so forth.”