More discussion on common core before return to agenda

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More discussion on common core before return to agenda
By Jeff Jenkins, WV Metronews

The status of the bill that would repeal the Common Core teaching standards in West Virginia remains unclear heading into next week.

The bill was taken off the House Education Committee’s agenda before its Friday meeting.

Del. Dave Perry (D-Fayette) questioned committee chair Paul Espinosa (R-Jefferson) at the end of Friday’s meeting about the move. Espinosa told him the bill was getting some additional comments outside the committee room.

“The item was removed from the agenda to provide an opportunity to discuss the legislation in our respective caucuses,” Espinosa said. “I pledge to the minority chair (Perry) that we’ll confer and determine the best way forward on that piece of legislation.”

The bill was discussed for several hours Wednesday and Thursday.

The House voted to repeal the controversial standards last year but the Senate didn’t agree. State School Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano then took several months to gather additional public comment before reworking the standards now calling them West Virginia College and Career Readiness Standards. Several lawmakers have said that process didn’t produce enough change.

The House Education Committee is scheduled to meet again Monday at 2 p.m.