Martirano: Next year's testing may be moved back

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Martirano: Next year's testing may be moved back
By WV MetroNews Staff

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — State School Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano says he plans to work with interested parties in the coming months to change the time of standardized testing next school year.

“The misnomer is that once testing occurs, that instruction ends,” Martirano said last week on MetroNews Talkline. “So we’re looking to push that testing window back. I’ll be working with our state board to ensure that we get 180 days of quality instruction and that testing occurs at the latter part of the school year.”

In the past school year, many schools had weeks between their standardized tests and the ending of the school year, Martirano said.

“The confusion has been that we have a testing window to allow the principals to have flexibility to allow that testing to occur, and that window is about 36 days.”

There are a lot of misconceptions about the length of standardized testing in our schools today, Martirano said. However, the amount of time needed for each student to test can vary greatly.

“A student will be spending no more than four hours in terms of testing for Math and no more than four hours of testing for English/Language Arts for a total of eight hours,” said Martirano.

The community has very involved ideas for the schooling system to make the improvements, said Martirano. And he hopes to cater to those ideas.

“I have listened very carefully to our principals and to our teachers and to our community and to our superintendents in making certain that we are having 180 days of instruction. Time on task matters,” said Martirano.