Gayle Manchin: Issue of Common Core has been politicized

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By Misty Poe 
Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT — The state didn’t do a very good job of “telling the story” of Common Core Standards, state school board president Gayle Manchin said Monday morning, which opened the door for an onslaught of public and administrative criticism of something few understand.

Speaking to the Marion County Chamber of Commerce Women’s Network at the Fairmont Woman’s Club, Manchin said the issue of Common Core has been politicized and “confusion has been intentionally created.” Manchin, who was named president of the West Virginia School Board earlier this year and has served on the board since 2007, said that “for the price of a vote” many have publicly criticized the standards, which she says simply brings West Virginia in line with standards of other states and sets a guideline for what students should master by a certain grade level.

Manchin said it will be the job of members of the school board to carry the torch and educate community groups, like the Women’s Network, about the importance of Common Core in the hopes that the groups will spread the message in their own communities.

It’s shameful that it’s turned into a political issue, Manchin said, and jokingly said that while many believe that Common Core was created by President Barack Obama to destroy America, it was actually developed under the close guidance of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a very strong Republican, and has been extraordinarily successful in that state since.

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