Fayette County Schools regain local control

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Fayette County Schools regain local control
By WVEA Communications Staff

The state Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to return local control to Fayette County’s school system.

The decision means that no county school systems will be under state board’s control. 
State Superintendent of Schools Michael Martirano and the Office of Education Performance Audits recommended returning local control to Fayette County.

For years the county had been mired in arguments over facilities problems and disagreements on the county school board.
Fayette County is now moving ahead with a school consolidation plan and received funding commitments from the state School Building Authority in December.

“We do have Third World buildings in Fayette County,” Fayette County Superintendent Terry George said.

New state board member Dave Perry, of Fayette County, moved to return full control to the county school system.