Executive Committee

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Dale Lee (2020-2023)
Mercer County
Learning Disabilities Math Teacher - Princeton High
1558 Quarrier Street
Charleston, WV 25311
Phone: 304-346-5315 ext 117 or 1-800-642-8261 ext 117
Email: [email protected]

“The WVEA stands for quality improvement in education. Working for the future of students, employees and schools. Professional development opportunities for beginning teachers are extremely important. The WVEA provides the best professional development opportunities of any group.”

Vice President

Wayne Spangler (2020-2023)
Monroe County
Elementary Teacher - Peterstown Elementary
3461 Pine Grove Bunker Hill Road
Ballard, WV 24918
Phone: 304-753-9253
Email: [email protected]

“The WVEA has been, and continues to be the voice for public education in West Virginia. We are outspoken advocates for our members, our schools, and most importantly – the children of West Virginia.”


Heather Deluca-Nestor (2019-2022)
Monongalia County
South Middle School
215 Arbogast Lane
Morgantown, WV 26508-8811
Phone: 304-241-4359
Email: [email protected]

“WVEA is the most powerful and influential education employee advocacy group in West Virginia, also the most democratic. The WVEA is clearly the voice of public education.”

NEA Director

Kim Bonnett (2018-2021)
Lewis County
Elementary School Teacher
515 Bonnett Road
Cox Mills, WV 26342
Phone: 304-462-5177
Email: [email protected]

"WVEA has provided me with what I need to be an effective teacher. They have also been proactive and responsible for many needs and rights (duty free lunch, planning period, using sick leave during pregnancy, etc.) that have enriched my life as a teacher."


Adena Barnette (2021-2022 unexpired term)
Jackson County
Ripley High School/Social Studies Teacher
334 King Drive
Evans, WV 25241
Phone: 304-531-0598
Email: [email protected]

"WVEA is important to educators because working in our public schools is the most rewarding, stressful, fulfilling, and overwhelming profession and none of us could do it without WVEA having our backs.  Public schools are our nation’s greatest democratic institution because they are open and readily available to every child.  I take this seriously and strive daily to teach my students about our nation’s history and how they can become active and engaged citizens.  Being active in WVEA is how I put my classroom civic lessons into practice.  I strive to be the living embodiment of what I teach."

Kris Bonnell (2020-2023)
Doddridge County
Teacher-Doddrige County High School
2298 Arnolds Creek Rd.
West Union, WV 26456
Phone: 304-377-2220
Email: [email protected]

"If you are a professional educator, you should be concerned about those things that impact your profession. WVEA is 'the' advocate for professional educators."

Angela Wyatt (2021-2024)   
Jefferson County
Music Teacher - Driswood Elementary
12427 N Welty Road 
Waynesboro, PA 17268
Phone: 301-991-5987  
Email: [email protected]

"I chose membership in WVEA because I believe that we accomplish more for students when we all work together. I wanted to be part of an organization that extends membership to education support professionals, administrative personnel, and substitutes."
Elliott Kendle (2019-2022)     
Wetzel County
Teacher - Paden City Elementary
405 S. 4th Avenue
Paden City, WV 26159
Phone: 304-337-8402
Email: [email protected]     

“WVEA is the professional organization for the education employee. We stand for honesty, integrity, hard work and progress. We bring forth good, meaningful issues to the legislature. WVEA means teachers working together with all employees to create better schools for all of us. This is where you can connect your professional life with a social life. You can meet people from all over the state with issues and causes like yours. You can get great ideas from the young and older members.”    

Gwen Lacy (2019-2022)
McDowell County
Elementary Teacher
P.O. Box 187
Roderfield, WV 24881
Phone: 304-436-3985
Email: [email protected]

"WVEA has been my service organization for over 25 years. I have worked to make it a strong-viable organization. It contains friends and colleagues I’ve known and worked with for those same 25 years. There is no greater wealth of information, help and mentoring available – WVEA provides history, experience and fellowship by those around you doing the same job you are.”

Amber McCoy (2020-2023)
Wayne County
Kellogg Elementary School
115 Lower Gragston Creek Rd.     
Prichard, WV 25555
[email protected]      

“I am a member of WVEA because we offer educators a powerful, collective voice. I am a member because I believe that public education is the pathway out of poverty for many students across our state, and the WVEA is always leading the fight to provide access to high quality public schooling for all students.”    

Hillary O'Dell (2021-2024)
Nicholas County
Teacher-Richwood High School
276 Chapman Ave.
Nettie, WV 26681
Phone: 304-880-0152
Email: [email protected]

“No West Virginia education employee can consider himself or herself a consummate professional without the benefit of membership in the “only” true organization for professionals – the WVEA. An employee without membership suggests he or she lacks understanding or possesses within his or her character a willingness to benefit at the expense of other fellow WVEA professionals.”

John Quesenberry (2021-2024)
Raleigh County
History Teacher - Woodrow Wilson High School
208 1st Street
Beaver, WV 25813
Phone: 304-222-0271
Email: [email protected]

"WVEA is the voice for educators in our state. The WVEA is the thread that unites all education employees in all counties. WVEA is our voice!"

Debra Sloat (2020-2023)
Berkeley County - Bus Operator
3806 Arden Nollville Rd
Inwood, WV 25428
Phone: 304-820-5092
Email: [email protected]

"WVEA means organized empowerment. The collective voices of WVEA members are essential in advocating for meaningful reform and advocation for employees."

Kathy H. Martin- WVEA Retired  (2021-2024)
P.O. Box 79 Smoot, WV 24977
[email protected]
304-392-5204 (H)  304-646-2525 (C)

"WVEA has been in my life for the past 45 years, 33 of them as a teacher member, 7 as an Organizational Development Specialist, 1 as a lobbyist and the others as a retired member. I think I bring a rich and diverse background to the organization of which I am most interested in its future."