Community members still rallying against Wetzel County board of education

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Community members still rallying against Wetzel County board of education
By Tessa DiTirro,

The latest board of education meeting in Wetzel county was so packed, people couldn't even get through the door. Teachers, parents, and students are still up-in-arms about the way the board is handling themselves. 7News spoke with Johnna Harter, a Wetzel county parent who gave a speech at the meeting. She claims her son had an inappropriate encounter with a board member.

Johnna's son Evan spoke at the last meeting and claims he was approached after by a board member. Evan says the member used foul language to insult him and question his complaints with the school district. Evan also claims that when he asked the member to come to the high school and see for himself, the member responded by saying he was going to follow him around to all his classes.

"If me, even not working in the school system would have said something like that to a student I would have been in trouble. But, our board of education says there's nothing they can do, nothing they can do. And he skipped out on the last board meeting before they could ask him anything and he didn't show up tonight," said Johnna Harter.

Johnna has contacted the West Virginia Ethics Commission and is asking for the member to be removed. She says she hopes all board members are voted out in the next election.

After the four speakers took the floor, the board dismissed into executive session, not addressing any concerns. No board members were available for comment.