Commentary: Remember in November

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Commentary: Remember in November
By Ken Hall, For The Charleston Gazette Opinion page

Shortly after the last election cycle in 2014, when West Virginia Republicans took control of both the Senate and House, the Teamsters Union sounded the alarm that Senate President Bill Cole and House Speaker Tim Armstead would pursue an out-of-state corporate agenda that was against the interest of the vast majority of West Virginians.

And we were right to sound the alarm.

The first thing out of the gate was to fund a study that would support Right-to-Work legislation. As I’ve pointed out in prior op-eds, Right to Work is wrong for West Virginia. Clearly, out-of-state forces, like the Koch brothers, were happy to have the puppet team of Senate and House leadership Bill Cole, Mitch Carmichael and Tim Armstead do their bidding. If anyone has any doubt, the initial draft of the legislation was a copy-and-paste version of what these interests used in Indiana to deceive workers. In addition, under a freedom of information request and subsequent lawsuits, the Teamsters Union unearthed emails suggesting that the study was biased and would support Cole/Armstead-sponsored Right-to-Work legislation.

The Republican led legislature has been a disaster. They’ve chosen to focus on wage-destroying legislation while failing to address our ailing economy, infrastructure and education system.

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