Carmichael, one; integrity of our politics, nothing

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By The Register-Herald

Now that Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael and his minions have wrapped up their end run around all Democratic defenses and the customary manner of advancing legislation, this moment serves as proper warning to citizens that the Republican caucuses in the House and Senate have found a convenient way around whatever roadblock stands in their way.

All of those shortcomings citizens saw in their local schools and spoke of during numerous education town halls in late spring? Well, legislators were prepared to pass much-needed wraparound social services for the students anyway. That wasn’t the reason for the special session.

The leadership’s strategy was clear, though. With school out for the summer, protesting teachers – able to close schools across the state with their strike a year ago this past spring – had lost their leverage.


And Mitch knew it.

Game over.