Cabell County among first to finish 180 instructional days

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Cabell County among first to finish 180 instructional days
By Carrie Hodousek, MetroNews

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Students in Cabell County are among one of the first school districts in West Virginia to start their summer break this year.
The last day of school is scheduled for Friday.

The winter storms this year affected most districts statewide, but left Cabell schools in the clear, for the most part.

“We were very, very fortunate and our weather was a little bit milder than some of the other counties. Also our terrain was a little more friendly to the snow conditions, so we were able to have school,” said Jedd Flowers, a spokesman for the Cabell County School District.

Flowers said they had to make difficult decisions throughout the winter months to prepare to have school as much as they possibly could in a safe manner.

“The students are very excited now. They’re glad they didn’t miss so much school this winter, so that they are out of school a little bit earlier. Some of the other counties aren’t going to have much of a summer break,” he said.

Other counties across West Virginia will be in school until mid-June, due to the amount of days they have to make up at the end of the year. Cabell County had seven snow days total.

Flowers said they typically like to begin the school year in early August, so they can end the first semester by winter break in December.

“That helps us avoid learning loss that occurs during the Christmas break and also gives the students the ability to take their AP or final exams at the end of the semester before they leave for a couple of weeks.”

This year, Peyton Elementary and Geneva Kent Elementary schools will be closing for good Friday. Peyton will also host a community celebration that day. Flowers said both schools will come together to become the new Explorer Academy, the first expeditionary learning school in West Virginia.

Cabell’s summer break will last until August 13 for students.