Boone schools cutting back as year comes to end

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Boone schools cutting back as year comes to end
By Ryan Quinn, Staff Writer

While Boone County’s school board has received attention in recent months for voting to close three elementary schools and cut 80 positions, these cost savings won’t take effect until next fiscal year, and the public school system must still make it through this fiscal year.

Boone is getting advanced funds from the state and putting off owed payments to companies for things like supplies through the June 30 end of this fiscal year.

“We’re looking at each invoice, each vendor, what we can pay, what we can’t pay, working with the vendors, deferring those payments so we can meet payroll,” said Charles Chapman, Boone’s treasurer/financial services director. Chapman expects the county will need more advanced payments from the state around the start of the next fiscal year to pay workers over the summer.

Though most school employees work about 10 months per school year, he said most opt to spread their paychecks over 12 months, and this summer pay equals about $5.4 million…

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